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   These are some of the topics we discuss in the “LIVING ROOM” at Our Fathers Place on Friday eveings. We start at 730 PM and enjoy open forum where everyone has participation (a part). We would love to have you visit and share with us your heart and views., If you cannot attend please watch us on “periscope” under pastor Seby. Our location is: 13078 SW 132 ct, Miami Fl. 33186 – My cell “Pastor seby is 305-316-8696  

“A life of GOODNESS AND LOVE” Living our present life in eternal significance,

   Having found the real you, your origin and the direction in which you are going, together with the final destination and the essence and DNA of Him you are destined with for eternity, you have found the three essentials for peace; (security, identity and belonging). You have now entered into your rest and the flow of true faith. This revelation and knowledge is   what we know as, “Christ in us the Hope of glory” you are now free and Agape has become your center. This truth can only be live and shared through love. Love is the only attitude that can be trusted with truth as all others are birthed from Eros (lust). Your communion with God must have three goals, to unite heart, mind and body as one. “You will know the truth and be set free”, because truth is light and healing to all three parts, yet it cannot be forced on anyone. In the agape paradigm we used arrows to define the two loves, one was that on the agape road we are always headed forward toward the final rest and the presence of the Father. This journey started at the foundations of the universe and will be eternal; this is good and true! This is the beautiful truth and we are all attracted to it from within our spirit; Weil said it best, “there is only one fault: our inability to nurture ourselves upon that light” There is a bright, almost blinding light that allures us forward, resurrection, the light that brings us to the Omega of time, the risen Christ which is our divine proof and reminder that love not death, endless life. Love is our reason for being and love conquered all.  I wish I could say it as clear as the Apostle John (1Jo3.2)” … we shall all be like Him” and Col 3.3--- “The life we ALREADY HAVE is hidden with Christ IN God”  


  There is a spiritual banquet of which we are invited to eat, the invitation to that banquet only requires a yes from you, that is the real you.  

Making love and life one


   Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Every Scripture is God-Breathed    American Christianity has had The Word preached, taught, spoken, shared, and prophesied.   

tree of life or knowledge


   Elohim There is an unspoken truth which keeps people under the thumb of religious control, why unspoken? On the day you are enlightened to this your eyes will be opened and your entire BS ( believe system) and life will be changed and your motivation and consciousness will mature.   



   A quote by Oscar Wilde I have been speaking and sharing about who we really are and what that means to us both spiritually and in the natural as well. Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own (spirit) soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his spirt?  

Be Yourself