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It is my privilege to introduce to you first who I am and why this endeavor to open to you my heart and experience both personally and in my Heavenly Father. After a lifetime of God in my thoughts and in the fellowship of His communion I must admit that it has been a wonderful journey of love, wonder, at times confusion, at other times despair and disappointment, of awe astonishment and adventure, of joy un-speak able, but most of all it has been and is the deep knowing of the person we call God and Father. This journey started at age 11 under some what strange circumstances under a revival tent in Miami Florida. It developed slowly and, yet it started with my need for a healing which He answered (the details are not necessary). This was the beginning of the journey of His presence in my thoughts and life. As the song says; Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come, it is He (grace) that brought ME safe thus far. I can truly say without reservation that, “all I have needed His hand has provided”. And this is what brings us to the present and this endeavor to bring to you and others what I have experienced, learned, received and have touched of His Spirit, His Son and His great Agape.
Along with this I have found myself, who I am and my destiny in this life and in the age to come. I hope to bring you to the same knowledge and understanding in a few weeks rather than a life time so that you may enjoy and experience His Agape and fellowship the rest of your life.


The school will be 16 weeks consisting of 2 hours per week classroom teaching. The format will be “Open forum” where everyone must participate openly with questions, comments and verbal interaction. Secondly, we will have seminars and hands on working experience. There will be teachers conducting classes in several topics. We will be recording all classes and seminars which will be available at a small fee for reference and for those that miss a class. Special seminars with visiting teachers will require a love offering but will be part of the requirements for graduation. Books and materials other that syllabus and classroom handouts will be the responsibility of the students. 

Every student completing the course will be Licensed as a minister of the Gospel and receive a certificate as such. The cost of this school is a weekly offering as you purpose in your heart. The purpose of this school is for your personal knowledge, growth, blessing and communion and fellowship with you Heavenly Father, AND, that you may be the blessing and answer others need in their search and journey. Pastors and ministers are welcome and invited to participate on an offering basis as they purpose to give. Materials and handout will be available at a small fee determined by our cost.