There is a spiritual banquet of which we are invited to eat, the invitation to that banquet only requires a yes from you, that is the real you. The real you has no boundaries nor self condemnation or unworthiness,  that self only carries within what God has created in it, “A joyous YES” and now love has become Gods work of art. Maybe this is what we read as:  Guard  thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Pro_4:23  The real you does what it really loves and it is therefore joyous within loving live’s activities and beauty. For the real person there is nothing wrong, nothing to hate, reject, deny or judge as unnecessary: “you have been forgiven much therefore loves much” This makes compassion, truth, mercy and forgiveness a matter of the heart and becomes the yes of life where there is only love and grace. It is what was once said by novelist; You can now enjoy and understand “unearned love” both in yourself and allow it to flow to everyone around you. There is a you that you are not completely happy with therefore it has been the false work of self, ego, psychology, the church, and society to make correction and to point a finger at those faults which are but the works of the flesh.  Those calling for change are actually trying to cause a transformation, yet they are also operating under a false knowledge. Transformation is but the metamorphosis of the outward man back to its God intended real self which is the spirit man the real you.  You are being transformed not into something new but into that which came from God, the real you and life and love have its full meaning and when you find that person within then you will fall into that GREAT LOVE. This is the mystery which has been hidden from man and must now be exposed as the great treasure hidden within earthen vessels. It is to that vessel that God says; “I stand at your door and knock, open I desire to come in and have supper at your table, I want to know you