Be Yourself everyony is already taken

   Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own (spirit) soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his spirt? I have spoken of the treasure in earthen vessels and it mostly goes right over the natural human mind. Some of this may,  and is my own wrong way of teaching because we have to this point concentrated on the soul and physical part of man without dealing with the real person. In order to understand we must start at the beginning and who God says we are and what is at our core being. Before anything else, we are spirit beings, and created with the divine DNA and destiny set before the foundations of the universe. We are a unique and only one person in the entire creation both in eternity past and eternity future. There has never been nor there ever will be another you. Why is this important? · First it is the most liberating revelation the human being can experience and live. · Second it is the gateway to divine relationship with the God of the universe. · Thirdly it is the fountain and wellspring of life from which, we can draw from for healthy and abundant life in this world. · Fourth it is the healing place of the soul, mind, emotions and body. · Fifth it is the center of all spiritual knowledge · Six It is the well from which we can draw for wisdom in this life.  · Seventh It is the identity God knows us by and the person he created. This knowledge is the foundation of who we ARE. The person you know physically is not the real person, it is but the vessel that contains YOU and God. It is as if you are in your own home and the place of your rest. You are you, existing, chosen, loved and filled with Gods glory.