In the begining OFP Church

  Pastor Seby Matacena  Founder. Pastor Seby started Our Fathers Place in an abandoned turkey Farm in South Miami Dade County in 1987. We are a Bible church with emphasis on the Agape of God and the wonders of His Grace and love. Seby has been a resident of Miami for 70 years and has been a Christian for 68 of those years. For many years he was involved in business in the Miami area. Seby has 4 children and 11 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren, all know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pastor Seby travels extensively teaching the Agape Road and holding Agape Boot camps retreats. Pastor Seby was born in Cuba of an Italian father and a Cuban Mother.  

 Pastor is very involved in teaching the FULL truth of scripture and the fatherhood of God. Personal relationship with God the Father is the central topic though we are a full gospel church believing in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of the Gifts. Miracles Signs and wonders are a very special part of our church services as the Spirit directs and manifests. We believe in eternal security of the believer once having believed in the work of Christ and the resurrection from the grave. It is by GRACE that we are saved!  Pastor Seby is available to anyone for help, counseling and ministry, you do not have to be a member of our fellowship. Please feel free to call or write any time.   


  MY HEARTS DESIRE:  Life is a journey of love and joy if one learns early what these two things are and where to find them. The other things I want to bring to you is how to walk in abundance and true prosperity and to live your salvation in this present AGE as your inheritance in Christ. I want to bring to you ways of enlarging your circle of life through stepping out in faith and boldness with confidence that He that started the work will see you through everything you set your hand to.. I will also include in this web-site some of my writings and insights into Gods Word and revelation. I will also from time to time hope to include some past encounters with my Father and Lord. I hope to deliver to you through this web page my history and my years of experience both in Christ and ministry as well as my lives experiences that I pray will keep you from the same mistakes I made.